Monday, April 29, 2013

These Two Little Girls

All I can say is Whew! April has been a doozy. Dear April, thanks for coming you can move on now. There are many a journal entry this month in my little green note book and that is exactly where they will stay for now. Wow! The stories I could tell.

This is much nicer though...

These two little girls, I tell you what. They are the best of friends. They hold hands together, bathe together, eat together, play together. I feel like my heart is being rug out like a wet towel when I think of August. August will come along and take our little Ella Mae to all day school. I get actual pain in my innards when I think of my Cali, all alone, wondering where her little play mate has gone.

But in the mean time I sneak around the corners of the house trying to catch glimpses of the charmed little life of these two very little girls. They are Heaven on Earth and Sunshine and Goodness. I will never forget the joy and warmth of my time with them. They are together all morning and then Ella leaves for school and Cali takes a nap and so to the littlest one there is no life with out the bigger one.

Oh how I love them.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sick Day

Kaden and Brylee did awesome at their splash and dash BEFORE the barf fest began

I was a sponge this weekend, sitting with my little green note book, scribbling down notes and insights and down right genius councel from General Conference. After Mexican food at grandma's on Sunday night we sent all to bed and Scott and I snuggled in and watched a fantastic President Monson talk from 1978 and then BOOM I was asleep. And then BOOM, I wasn't because Brylee was standing over my bed whimpering that she had thrown up.

Have Mercy on my soul did she ever.

I spent 1/2 an hour at the stroke of mid-night cleaning this doozy of a mess up. I ended up using the garage sink, a roll of paper towels, several Clorox wipes, scalding hot water and 3 towels. I got her a bowl, tucked her in on the futon, started the washer and cue the toss and turn for 40 minutes. And then BOOM, asleep. And then BOOM, not asleep because Kaden was standing over me whispering that he did not feel right. He paced my room until he couldn't any more and then, bless this good boy, he made it to the toilet in time to spill his Mexican food into it. Poor guy made a bed by my side, I got him a bowl and a water bottle and then Brylee and Kaden tag-teamed the barfs all night until BOOM, it was morning. I should mention that Scott was by my side during the mid-night clean up and he also emptied a barf bowl for me this morning that I could not take the sight of.

I feel dead. I look dead. I will be only slightly functioning today on no sleep and yet I will still manage because--what do you know--that is what us Mom's do. You have done it too, right? Plus I will be using the "sanitize" setting on my washer all day for all sheets and pillow cases.

Being the nurse maid and the house maid and the cook and the driver and the MOM doesn't go on hold because you didn't sleep. I learned that early on, that's for sure!

These are the days that I am certain that there must be a special legion of "make it through the day angels" that are reserved for mothers.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Home Making

My home is finally making some visible progress. We got the garage cleaned out and I, at last, started hanging a few things.

These nature prints were our family night lesson the other day. 1. They are beautiful examples of the world that a loving Heavenly Father created. 2. The Sun should be a reminder that God's Son gives life and light to the world. 3. The tree is standing alone. It's OK if you have to to stand alone in doing what is right. And the Forgetmenot flowers are a reminder that the Lord does not ever forget you, you are known.

And my favorite thing so far is my chalk board. For like EVER, I have wanted a chalk board that I can write my own quotes on and change them out when I feel like it. This chalk board makes me "happy, happy, happy." (Duck Commander, love it!).

A few things have gotten done and yet..there is still SO much to do. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Even More

I have a new love for Cali lately. Of course I have loved her all the moments of her life, deep and gracious and unconditioned but something--I tell you, is pulling me into her with more love and more fervor than before. It might be the delicious way she talks.

Touch, T sound with ouch, for couch.
Soop with an emphasis on the oo for soup and soop again for soap.
Try to say bottle with out the T sound and you've got bottle (yes we still have that, ask me if I care.)
Bookyn for Brooklyn down the street and Sarwah for Sara on the other side.
Pawk for park.
And what do you know it's bike, for bike.
When I say "night, night" she says "see ya Mom."
Duice for juice
Haha for Ella
Kanen for Kaden
Banson with no r for Branson
Byee with no l and no r for Brylee.
Kankoo for Thank-you.
Sawee for sorry.

I could talk to this girl all day. It also might be the delicious way that her mouth and tongue and full lips and curved from the pacee teeth,  all work together. (pacee, yes we still have that, ask me if I care).  I don't know but MAN am I glad that she mine.

Ella too has managed once again to wrap my already wound up heart a little tighter around hers lately. It's the hilarious drama, it's the backwards S's, it's the strong opinions about her hair style, it's her make believe when she thinks I am not looking, it's the way she snuggles into me every night and it's definitely, surly,  the dwindling months of time before all day school. Be still my broken heart on that one.

And while I am at it I will say that Kaden was the only one in his class to take the PI contest seriously. He memorized 50 numbers of PI and won a--you guessed it--pie. He also did nothing during the Easter egg hunts this year but follow Cali around being her assistant, and then I loved him even more.

Brylee has won the heart of the little neighborhood girls that come over to play with Ella. Brylee carries them around on her hip and the other day she coordinated and ran a whole fashion show for them with our dress up basket. It was brilliant and then, I loved her even  more.

Branson still makes the breakfast with me every morning and is still the first one dressed and ready. Earlier this week he rode Cali around on her wiggle car for a good 20 minutes while I fixed dinner and then, like always, I loved him even more.

I am not sure how it happens but it does. And I am pretty sure that someday my heart will just plain explode.

And now Easter pictures for the fun of it.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Holy Week Handouts

Easter was wonderful wasn't it! I just love Easter and I was especially determine this year to make it matter. I want so much for my children to know and love The Savior. This year I put together Holy Week handouts for the kids. Every night of Holy Week we sat down together and discussed the events leading up to the Resurrection. It did not go perfectly perfect, there were a few nights where I got rolled eyes and "another lesson!" comments but overall I am so glad that I spent the time to make this happen. I am laying it all out here for whoever would like to have the information and also for my own record so I can make it a yearly tradition.

First of all I can not take all the credit for the handouts themselves, I found them online here and was so thankful to whoever made them. It saved me so much time and they were perfect for what I had cooked up in my head. At the end of each devotional we sent them to do their own scripture study by looking up each of the scriptures on their card.

Day 1- Sunday- The Triumphal Entry. I gave them each a white hankie to go with this card to represent "Hosanna". This is what Christ's followers shouted as He returned to the city, it means Praise to our King. The hankies were 6 for $3.00 in the Men's section at WalMart, you can also get pretty lace ones at the distribution center.

Day 2-Monday-Cleansing the Temple. I gave them the card and a picture of the temple (not pictured). We talked about the sacred nature of the temple and the important work that goes on there. You can find very inexpensive prints of various temples at Deseret Book.

Day 3-Tuesday-Taught in Parables. On this day Jesus taught His followers and disciples important principals using parables. We gave them each a dollar and focused on the parable of the talents. I also emphasized to the kids that on this day Jesus foretold of His own betrayal and crucifixion. We talked about how if Jesus really wanted to He could have just fled but He stayed and faced what was to come.

Day 4-Wednesday-Since there is no record in the scriptures of what Christ did on this day it is assumed that He was in Bethany resting and preparing for what was to come. We gave the kids new PJ's and talked about the things we need to do to prepare for trials that may come in our lives. I think a new pillow or pillow case would also be good too.

Day 5-Thursday-This day had 2 cards one for the Last Supper and one for The Atonement. For the Last Supper, we learned about the things that happened there and I gave them each a small tube of foot scrub to represent Jesus washing the disciples feet. (in the lotions section at Walmart) I teared up right through the part when Peter says, "Thou shalt never wash my feet." Jesus answers If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me." And then Peter says, "Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head." I just love that part and I loved explaining what that meant.
The second card for Thursday was for the Atonement. At first I wasn't going to put anything with this one but then I decided to give each of them one of the cups from the set of china that I inherited from my Grandma. We talked about the symbolism of "The Cup" that Jesus spoke of and how He let Heavenly Fathers will be done even though it was so very difficult. You can find all kinds of cute little glass cups at the dollar store.
Day 6-Friday-Also had two cards. This was for the Betrayal and the Trial. I gave them 30 silver Hersey kisses to divide between them. 30 and silver to represent the 30 pieces of silver that Judas betrayed Jesus for and kisses because Jesus was betrayed with a kiss.
Day 7-Good Friday-The Crucifixion. I wanted to be careful and gentle about how we talked about The Crucifixion. This part of the story really scared me when I was little so I wanted to be sensitive. We talked carefully about how Jesus was treated and how He was placed on a cross between two thieves. We also talked about who was there and we talked about how forgiving the Savior was (forgive them for they know not what they do) and how thoughtful He was toward Mary His Mother. We decided to attach a letter for each child with our testimonies.
The second card for Friday was the burial. I gave them a stone to represent the closed tomb.

Day 7-Saturday-The Jewish Sabbath. I gave them Easter Egg Dye with this card and we used Saturday as our "Easter Bunny" day. All the fluff of Easter that the kids love but we still talked about what the followers of Christ may have been feeling on this day.

Day 8-Sunday-The Resurrection. I was so excited for this day. First we did a little review and then we talked about the events of that first Easter morning. I sobbed right through it! I gave them each a tiny white box, it was empty except for a strip of paper with the words, "He is not here, but is risen!". We watched "He is Risen" from Here is the link: He is Risen

I loved this week! What a blessing it is to be able to teach and share these real and essential events with my children. This is not just an interesting story that we tell it was REAL, it HAPPENED. This will definitely be a yearly tradition. I want to get them each a keep sake box so that when they are grown they will have a little collection of hankies and stones and cups and little white boxes.
At the end of the video "He is Risen", is the scripture

That Ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and believing ye might have life through His name. John 20:31

And this is why I want to keep this as a yearly Easter tradition that my children might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.

Because He is. He really is.