Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Even More

I have a new love for Cali lately. Of course I have loved her all the moments of her life, deep and gracious and unconditioned but something--I tell you, is pulling me into her with more love and more fervor than before. It might be the delicious way she talks.

Touch, T sound with ouch, for couch.
Soop with an emphasis on the oo for soup and soop again for soap.
Try to say bottle with out the T sound and you've got bottle (yes we still have that, ask me if I care.)
Bookyn for Brooklyn down the street and Sarwah for Sara on the other side.
Pawk for park.
And what do you know it's bike, for bike.
When I say "night, night" she says "see ya Mom."
Duice for juice
Haha for Ella
Kanen for Kaden
Banson with no r for Branson
Byee with no l and no r for Brylee.
Kankoo for Thank-you.
Sawee for sorry.

I could talk to this girl all day. It also might be the delicious way that her mouth and tongue and full lips and curved from the pacee teeth,  all work together. (pacee, yes we still have that, ask me if I care).  I don't know but MAN am I glad that she mine.

Ella too has managed once again to wrap my already wound up heart a little tighter around hers lately. It's the hilarious drama, it's the backwards S's, it's the strong opinions about her hair style, it's her make believe when she thinks I am not looking, it's the way she snuggles into me every night and it's definitely, surly,  the dwindling months of time before all day school. Be still my broken heart on that one.

And while I am at it I will say that Kaden was the only one in his class to take the PI contest seriously. He memorized 50 numbers of PI and won a--you guessed it--pie. He also did nothing during the Easter egg hunts this year but follow Cali around being her assistant, and then I loved him even more.

Brylee has won the heart of the little neighborhood girls that come over to play with Ella. Brylee carries them around on her hip and the other day she coordinated and ran a whole fashion show for them with our dress up basket. It was brilliant and then, I loved her even  more.

Branson still makes the breakfast with me every morning and is still the first one dressed and ready. Earlier this week he rode Cali around on her wiggle car for a good 20 minutes while I fixed dinner and then, like always, I loved him even more.

I am not sure how it happens but it does. And I am pretty sure that someday my heart will just plain explode.

And now Easter pictures for the fun of it.

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