Friday, April 5, 2013

Home Making

My home is finally making some visible progress. We got the garage cleaned out and I, at last, started hanging a few things.

These nature prints were our family night lesson the other day. 1. They are beautiful examples of the world that a loving Heavenly Father created. 2. The Sun should be a reminder that God's Son gives life and light to the world. 3. The tree is standing alone. It's OK if you have to to stand alone in doing what is right. And the Forgetmenot flowers are a reminder that the Lord does not ever forget you, you are known.

And my favorite thing so far is my chalk board. For like EVER, I have wanted a chalk board that I can write my own quotes on and change them out when I feel like it. This chalk board makes me "happy, happy, happy." (Duck Commander, love it!).

A few things have gotten done and yet..there is still SO much to do. Sigh.

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