Monday, April 8, 2013

Sick Day

Kaden and Brylee did awesome at their splash and dash BEFORE the barf fest began

I was a sponge this weekend, sitting with my little green note book, scribbling down notes and insights and down right genius councel from General Conference. After Mexican food at grandma's on Sunday night we sent all to bed and Scott and I snuggled in and watched a fantastic President Monson talk from 1978 and then BOOM I was asleep. And then BOOM, I wasn't because Brylee was standing over my bed whimpering that she had thrown up.

Have Mercy on my soul did she ever.

I spent 1/2 an hour at the stroke of mid-night cleaning this doozy of a mess up. I ended up using the garage sink, a roll of paper towels, several Clorox wipes, scalding hot water and 3 towels. I got her a bowl, tucked her in on the futon, started the washer and cue the toss and turn for 40 minutes. And then BOOM, asleep. And then BOOM, not asleep because Kaden was standing over me whispering that he did not feel right. He paced my room until he couldn't any more and then, bless this good boy, he made it to the toilet in time to spill his Mexican food into it. Poor guy made a bed by my side, I got him a bowl and a water bottle and then Brylee and Kaden tag-teamed the barfs all night until BOOM, it was morning. I should mention that Scott was by my side during the mid-night clean up and he also emptied a barf bowl for me this morning that I could not take the sight of.

I feel dead. I look dead. I will be only slightly functioning today on no sleep and yet I will still manage because--what do you know--that is what us Mom's do. You have done it too, right? Plus I will be using the "sanitize" setting on my washer all day for all sheets and pillow cases.

Being the nurse maid and the house maid and the cook and the driver and the MOM doesn't go on hold because you didn't sleep. I learned that early on, that's for sure!

These are the days that I am certain that there must be a special legion of "make it through the day angels" that are reserved for mothers.


Jedidiah said...

And it was... A barforama

Josh and Emily said...

Nice "Stand by Me" quote Jed.

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