Monday, April 29, 2013

These Two Little Girls

All I can say is Whew! April has been a doozy. Dear April, thanks for coming you can move on now. There are many a journal entry this month in my little green note book and that is exactly where they will stay for now. Wow! The stories I could tell.

This is much nicer though...

These two little girls, I tell you what. They are the best of friends. They hold hands together, bathe together, eat together, play together. I feel like my heart is being rug out like a wet towel when I think of August. August will come along and take our little Ella Mae to all day school. I get actual pain in my innards when I think of my Cali, all alone, wondering where her little play mate has gone.

But in the mean time I sneak around the corners of the house trying to catch glimpses of the charmed little life of these two very little girls. They are Heaven on Earth and Sunshine and Goodness. I will never forget the joy and warmth of my time with them. They are together all morning and then Ella leaves for school and Cali takes a nap and so to the littlest one there is no life with out the bigger one.

Oh how I love them.

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Katie said...

I've missed your posts. This is such a sweet one!

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