Friday, May 17, 2013

While Our Boys Were Away

Scott took my boys on the Fathers and Sons campout last weekend leaving me to enjoy the night with my girls. Oh my Girls! I sure love them! I had spent the morning at the temple as a little birthday gift to myself then came home to pack up the boys and as soon as they were off the girls and I loaded our bikes and a picnic dinner and set out for Discovery Park.

Discovery Park will always hold a special place in my heart. We watched it be built and have enjoyed so so so many hours there together over the years. Feeding ducks, riding bikes, walking, talking and picnicking. It is a gift to live down the street from this beautiful place.

After our picnic we enjoyed the trails on our bikes and then Brylee showed me all her home grown gymnastic skills. I tell you what- that girl can figure out almost any athletic trick she sets her mind to.

Ella took A LOT of blurry pictures of me and Brylee and Cali ran around that place like a little animal let out of her cage. She loves herself some freedom! Brylee and I almost died of a heart attack a few times when Cali beelined her little self straight for the water on the wiggle bike that she drives like she was at Nascar. Little as she may be that baby has no fear and no concern for life and limb.

We stopped by the store on the way home for a half gallon of butterfinger ice-cream, slept in the same bed and didn't get up in the morning until we felt like it.

It was so good. Father's and Sons is so fun.

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