Thursday, June 13, 2013

Branson Birthday Letter at 11

Dear Branson,

In just a few hours the clock will tick over to your eleventh birthday, I am not sure how since it seems like you should still be crawling around on those chubby, dimply baby knees but here it is anyhow. Handsome, good, busy and ambitious in every way is what you are. I could have never really known all those years ago about all the fun we would have together, all the things you would teach me and how my love for you would grow and grow so much that it sometimes feels like my heart might burst! On that early June morning when the doctors hooked you up to monitors and tubes and breathing machines we worried so much! But now I know that it was just you showing us that you can overcome hard things, that you can take on a challenge and come out better for it. My goodness Branse, I sure loved you that first day and I love you a million times over now.

There is no one quite like you in all the world. You are happiest when you are busy and you can go like the energizer bunny! You can build things from scraps, you can make entire meals by your self and you are a great babysitter. Yesterday, I was gone taking kids around to swim team and other appointments and you put Cali on the counter, scrambled some eggs, mixed up some muffins and even let Cali help with the whole thing! You are not the type to wait around for things to happen--you MAKE them happen. It is such a good trait to have and I am certain that for as long as you live you will find a way to make life comfortable for you and your family.  You are a caregiver in every sense of the word, it is a gift that you have been blessed with and I am sure that Heavenly Father has special work for you to do in your life. These last few months you have started coming to me just before bed time to tell me goodnight and then you say, "I am going to bed as soon as I check if all the doors are locked." It's just like you to take responsibility for something that most kids don't even worry about--I love it and I love getting to be your Mom.

I cant forget to say that you are the seat belt police! And you take this calling very seriously. No one in our car gets away with not wearing a seat belt, no way, no how, not ever. You are the John Wayne of seat belt law and you also keep a sharp eye out for anyone texting while they drive. Maybe you should be a real policeman someday! Unless you become a famous gymnast because you are getting really good! I love to see you work and concentrate and struggle to get better. You can do hard things!

If ever there was a strong willed child it is you my Bransypantsy! Strong will is a good thing, it means that you are not easily pressured into anything. You know how to make up your mind and stick with it, you also know how to get what you want and while it makes me absolutely exhausted, I wouldn't want you any other way. Point that iron will in the right direction and you will move mountains! I love to see you pull out your ipod to read scriptures at night because I know that reading the scriptures is like filling your spirit with fuel to face all the challenges of life. A race car doesn't go out to race without gas and we shouldn't go out to the races of our life without scriptures and prayer. It will help you cross the finish line! Keep working on those habits and make them strong!

Last night Branson we got to go to a really fun piano concert, you and me were squished together in the seats the whole time. You held my hand, and put your hand on my leg and then like a true gentleman, that is really proud of his date, you reached your arm up and around my shoulder. Well, I was super proud of my date too and if there is a way to really say just how much I love you, I am not sure what it is. Sometimes you smile with that handsome dimple and time stands still for just a moment and I think that there isn't a luckier girl in all the world than me.

I love you my BransyBoy, you are my treasure.

Happy Birthday!

Love Mom

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