Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brylee Birthday Letter at 11

Wow is all I can really say Brylee Girl! Eleven years old has come speeding at us like a jet streaking across a blue Arizona sky. You are so beautiful my brown haired doll, I love you so much and these eleven years have been a joy. The day you were born is carved into my soul deep and permanent and I love to close my eyes and remember. Welcoming you that day into my arms, my family and my heart felt like Heaven had opened it's doors and blessed me with it's most precious kind of gift; a first born daughter--and life was never the same again.

When I think of my tiny, mostly bald first baby girl, with her heavy black eye lashes and her amazing blue eyes that seemed to fill up our entire house, my heart squeezes and burns and throbs and then I almost die of missing that baby! But then just as I think I cant bear the thought of my little baby all grown up, I see you NOW and I realize that loving you NOW and knowing you NOW is like enjoying that precious gift from Heaven over and over and in new ways all the time. Your doing a wonderful job of growing up and I have loved being your mom everyday of it.

The other night we were at Pack Night with Branson. You had just come from a swimming party with your friends. Your hair was all wavy and dried from the warm afternoon breeze and you ran around the big green yard barefoot and confident. My friend leaned over to me and said, "I cant believe how beautiful she is." You really are Brylee, you have a carefree beauty that comes from the inside out. You are happy with who you are, you treat others with love and kindness and you don't worry very much about things that don't matter-- that combination equals beauty!

I cant write this letter with out mentioning what a good big sister you are. Ella and Cali demand a lot from you! They beg you to play with them ALL DAY LONG! They sleep in your bed and tag along with you to the park, they love when you are home and look up to you in every way. These little sisters hit the Big Sister Jack Pot with you and I am thankful everyday for the love you give them and the help you give me!

This year you have tried so hard to get into good scripture and prayer habits and you even watched and took notes on this past general conference. Keep at it! Nothing will be more important and uplifting in your life than the blessings that these habits will bring. When you miss for a few days, just start up again, when you forget,  do it the next day, when you are lonely, scared, sad, worried pick up those scriptures and open your heart in prayer. You will find a comfort and a peace that can be found no where else. But don't wait for the hard times to do it, make those habits strong and sure now, don't wait! Heavenly Father wants you to talk to Him, He wants you to read and learn about His Son, it takes work! It takes commitment but it is worth it! I promise.

Brylee, Dad and I love you. Oh how we love you! Someday you will look into the eyes of a heavy lashed baby and maybe then you will get a little glimpse of the kind of love we have for you. It is BIG, and sometimes it hurts as we see you face challenges or deal with a frustration but there is nothing that matters more to us than you. We are never far when you need us and we will always be here walking the road of growing up right along with you, only we will always be learning more form you than you will from us!

You are goodness and light, joy and hope, sunshine and love all wrapped up together. Thank-you for being our little Chicky, the love of my life and a piece of Heaven in our home.

Happy Birthday!
Love Mom


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Brylee is so beautiful and such a sweet girl! Great post!

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