Monday, July 15, 2013

When the Heat Breaks

This summer has been hard. Do you remember this post? The day I let go and spilled the beans on the fact that I have a house full of super busy, never sit still, always on the go children. Well I do. And it is hard. Passive is not a personality trait that any one of our 5 children have. More like strong willed, determine, active and strong willed again.

This summer is kicking me around like a soccer ball in Brazil. We have no back yard. Our back yard is a barren waste land where tumble weeds come to die and where the dirt gets so hot that it crackles and breaks into a patchwork of wiggly lines that stretch from one end to the other. We almost never go out there. So when the temperatures reared their ugly heads up into the 100's things got desperate over here.

I mean, I can only pack everyone up and spend the afternoon at a pool so many times before the thought of it starts to make me nauseous. The summer vacations are over and now it's just time to endure the heat and hope we come out alive.

Cue the boredom educed fighting and teasing and then cue me wanting to lock myself in a room and hide from my little (band of gangsters) gaggle. The friends that come over nearly everyday have helped but even I am bored silly and mad that the heat keeps us cooped up.

Needless to say we have had a few moments of pure grumpiness. Brylee even cried the other day while she counted how long until she could go back to school. And in all of Kaden's Home School consideration, Brylee has whispered many a "I am never going to be home schooled." That girl loves friends and parties and even homework as long as it involves chances to write lengthy stories. That's how I know that she is mine.

So you can imagine our thrill last week when, for a few measly hours, the clouds rolled in, the sun took a back stage and the heat--at last--broke.

Life itself came rushing back into our lungs and I pulled the baby from her nap and swept out the door to chase the others down the dirt path to the park. We ran! We slid! We felt the grassy green under our feet and we took in deep breaths of the sweet smell of wet dirt on the side walks and the blazing hot asphalt being dampened by little baby rain drops. Only Arizona people know how good that smells. I was happy as a cherub, we all were.

Good Grief we needed that! (don't mind the black and white, it was dress like a cow and eat for free at chick-a-fila.)

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load up in your car right now and come stay with me at my cabin!!

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