Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to School (and blogging) Maybe

The middle three kids went back to school this week taking a bit of my heart with them. I will never get used to it.

Even though having them gone meant that I could spend the whole school day cleaning and cleaning and cleaning like I had died and gone to clean house heaven. Later in the day I whisked past Kaden and said,

"whew! I am tired."

He looked at me and asked if I needed any help, I ask him if he knew that it was this much fun for me when they were at school all day? He said he never knew that I cleaned THAT much.

It's just such a miracle how the clothes get washed and the meals get made and the bed sheets get changed and the floors get mopped when you are a kid. All that work just magically happens.

Another super fun project now that school has begun is potty training Cali. Oh what joys of Motherhood can be found in the trenches of potty training. (I'd rather fold a mountain of clothes as high as my house.)

But what  a cutie that little doll and with her new hair cut and new little panties she just looks more grown up. Growing up is just what happens around here. I feel so busy keeping up with our household-- all the feeding and cleaning and teaching that blogging has sort of been left behind for a season. Sometimes I read other blogs and see all the traveling or the cooking or the creating amazing things and teaching the world "how to", not to mention the house decorating. And then I think...I am just raising my kids...just doing laundry...just managing the neighbor kids coming in and out...just going to the grocery store. I feel like I have said most of what I feel and think a million times and then I talk myself out of writing at all.

But my house is a little more still for a few hours now and so maybe my mind will be too because there are always stories to write even if they are just about the laundry or the grocery store.

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Katie said...

I love reading your stories. You have a talent for writing. Thank you for sharing them.

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