Friday, August 16, 2013

Birthday Letter: Ella at 6 edition.

Oh Ella can it really be six? You are so pretty my big six year old girl! And you are smart and kind and so full of spice that sometimes I just want to nibble on your face! (Remember how I always say that to you and then you crack up while I pretend to gobble up your cute little cheeks!)

I like to remember about all those years of wishing for you to come to our family and how happy I was when you were finally on your way. You were a very easy baby to love. And I did! Oh my goodness how I loved my little Ella baby. Since Kaden and Brylee and Branson all left for school each day we became fast friends you and I. We did everything together, we shopped and cleaned and cooked and bathed and napped and it was such a gift for me to have you all to myself for a while. I needed you,  and that little Baby You-- brought so much joy to our family and you still do.

You have the most amazing memory Ella. You can remember things and places and details that I thought you had long forgotten. You are so good at make believe and can even do the most dramatic voices of peril and distress. You are full of all kinds of drama going from happy to devastated and back again in a matter if only seconds. All that drama keeps us laughing and we all are so glad that you are ours. Cause "we like you, we like you...just the way you are." (remember that song that me and you sing with Cali!)

Everyday for your kindergarten lunch I pack you a mayonnaise and tomatoes sandwich. I have never met another kindergartener that loves vegetables like you do.  But to you it's no big deal to eat a big plate of salad greens, or plain tomatoe slices for an afternoon snack or avocadoes at any particular time of the day. It is fantastic and I promise to keep all those yummy vegies stocked up in the fridge for forever.

I will be sad when the day comes that all my shoes stay placed neatly on my shelf instead of all over the house and on your feet and placed in little pairs all down the hall. I love to hear you click clacking in a pair of my high heals and I love your constant love of beauty. You love and I mean LOVE lipstick! You like to carry around about 100 tubes of lip gloss in one of your purses and then you switch all those lip glosses to another purse and you walk around with high heals and gloss and such is the very happy life of your big six year old self. The other day you had your purse and your gloss and your mermaid tail on and you exclaimed at the top of your voice (in a very urgent way) that you had to get into the game room because that was the only place that a mermaid could survive because it is blue. I really loved that and I will always be happy when I remembered it.

My Ella Girl, when you are all grown up and big the memory of you being six years old, all perfect and pretty and innocent, will brig me joy. Because that's what you are to me, you are joy in all it's forms. Eachday with you in it is a good one and you my sweet Dear will be awesome at six. It is a perfect age for a princess and I cant wait to be with you for every step of it.

Sugar and sunshine and warm beachy sand and sweet smelling peaches and warm happy JOY is what you are. 

I love you more than life Miss Mae.

Happy Birthday



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