Saturday, August 10, 2013

Everybody Needs a Twin


I think the world would be a better place if everybody had a twin. My poor set have had a difficult school experience.


We just got started.

Yes already! But I loved watching them help each other through it. They were both put into a 5th grade class that we were so excited about. They got a wonderful teacher and each  had a few good friends in their class as well. Brylee and Branson were so happy to find out about their teachers money system. It was a fun one where the kids earn money and then are able to participate in classroom auctions. Branson especially could not have been more thrilled with the idea of earning and spending money.

After the first week, I got word that their teacher's husband was offered a job in another state that they felt they could not pass up and so Brylee and Branson would be losing the teacher that they love.

I finally told them the day before they were to find out at school and after I knew who their new teacher would be. She is equally as awesome! Well it has not been an easy pill to swallow and Brylee spent the entire first afternoon crying into her pillow. She would get up and feel a little better about things for a bit and then go back to sobbing. Branson seemed to be taking it pretty easy. Then on the first day without their teacher, I got a phone call from Brylee.

"Mom, Branson really needs you, he just cant stop crying, I told him I would call you for him."

I headed for the school to find Branson barely able to make it to the safety of the car before giant little boy tears started draining from his eyes. His good friend was put in the other class, he cant stand the thought of not getting to do the money system and he missed his teacher so much that the tears were uncontrollable. Branson is tough, he does NOT cry easy, but man when he does hurt, it is bad.

We went to lunch and since tears were still coming we headed home for a movie.

On their teachers last day she held the first and last class auction. The twins already knew that this would be the last day with their class but were so excited to have the auction. When they came in the door from school, Branson and Brylee gathered all of their brothers and sisters on the couch. They had pooled their money and schemed to get a small prize for each member of our family. They even managed to win the bid on two candy bars for Scott and I.

They bid on exactly nothing for themselves.

On our way home from the school I squeezed Branson's hand, next to me in the drivers seat. I told him how sad I was too that he was going through a hard thing but also how confident I am that he will come out better for it. We talked about the perfect remedy for feeling sad for ourselves and he knew it before I even said it,

"Thinking of others Mom, I know."

I told him how he and Brylee had already done that and how amazing they both are. It is painful and heart wrenching to watch these two twins, that I love more than life itself,  go through hard things but it is equally as heart warming to see them be so good.

My goodness how I love them.


Melanie said...

I love those twins of yours! And I love this post, too!

Katie said...

Such a sweet story. Hopefully the trasition is going well.

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