Monday, August 19, 2013

Potty Talk and a Good School Story

Kaden went back to school last week making it 4 of my five gone ALL DAY. Sniff and double sniff, sniff. Well at least until 3:30.

I do love the routine of scriptures first thing in the morning, breakfast all together and then a mad rush until all are delivered. I also love the time I get to spend with Cali. She has mastered the potty! Scott made the mistake of saying,

"Well that was easy"

to me one day in reference to potty training. I just raised my eye brows, smiled and shook my head, and then we both busted up laughing in some kind of unspoken understanding that he had not participated in said potty training and therefor it was "easy". Luckily Scott is openly and generously appreciative of all the work I do around here including potty training.

Here is the thing about potty training. And it is no nonsense,  no pull ups, no going back. You just buy a bag of skittles,  the coolest undies you can find, pick a day and throw away the diapers. Oh and give up your life. It's three days of pure torture and then as long as you stay sweet and patient and don't let accidents freak you out, it gets better and better and better. But never, never is potty training anyone "easy".

But it is done and I dare say she is a potty pro. (now we need to loose the paci)

Another thing I love about the school year is the stories. Oh how I love a good school story. Yesterday Brylee and Branson busted through the door practically clawing their way through to tell me this: (mind you it was in unison...finishing each others sentences and saying things at the same time.)

"Mom, oh my gosh, guess what?? These boys came up to me and said that this other boy likes me and he sent them to ask me out. The boys said they were supposed to kneel down to do it but they weren't going to because that was weird. So I said, I am not going to date until I am 16. Then they said, well say yes or no, so I said no and Emma was with me and she said NO Brylee NO! And then the boy hid behind the classroom because I think I hurt his feelings so I smiled and waved at him."

Branson could not wipe the smile off his face, he thoroughly thought this was the most ridiculous thing any boy could ever do and he was enjoying it to the max.

I love it! How can you not love those stories? It makes my life full and complete to hear these playground tales of love and adventure-- these are riveting story lines I tell you.
(The "we are supposed to kneel down" part just about killed me!)

And it doesn't hurt that Brylee handled it perfectly.

That's my girl.

And keep the stories comin!

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