Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sid Philips in the Making

There are a bunch of things that are great and fun to do with kids. But never is running boring errands in 115 degree weather one of them. The scalding hot car seats, the sweating, the loading and unloading, etc. etc.

So when my 3 middle kids went back to school last week, I took advantage of Kaden still being here and I have spent several of Cali's nap times out getting the errands done. Oh the magic and wonder of running errands BY YOURSELF! If I live to be 100 years old I vow here and now to always appreciate a chance to run an errand BY MYSELF!

But that is not the only reason that it has been so nice having Kaden here. He fills the house with piano music which I love, he rubs my shoulders, he and Noah play riveting games of cards at my kitchen table and I just love having him here in general. Kaden got to take a super fun trip last weekend up to his friends cabin. Kaden has been blessed with the MOST amazing group of friends, these are good, good boys. So Sunday night I drove him to his friends house to deliver a thank-you card and a plate of treats to the cabin parents and on our way back through the dark streets Kaden spotted the most horrid of all garbage, the monstrosity of sidewalk trash...the giant, broken, big screen.

And he wanted it.

He had to have it.

He begged.

I kept driving.

Having someone else's trash at my house is my nightmare. Having my own trash at my house is my nightmare. He explained how he and Noah were going to use it for some magnifying glass experiments. Apparently the big screen has some parts that are ideal for magnifying experiments. I pictures this...

Well I forgot all about that TV until this morning when I opened my front door and about had a heart attack at the sight of this on my front porch....


I guess when I went to bed last night at 10 Scott and Kaden stayed up to do some work in the garage. As a reward for working hard Scott took Kaden to pick up his beloved sidewalk trash find from the other night. (thanks a lot Hun).

I gave Kaden until noon to get the parts he needs and find a way to get that piece of junk off my porch.

But I do love a good childhood experiment and I am still glad that he's home.


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