Thursday, August 1, 2013

When The Day Comes

Tomorrow, I will dress Ella in a clean new uniform and her new turquoise shoes that we picked out together. For the first time ever I will pack her a school lunch and tuck it in her hot pink zebra stripped back pack with the lime green trim.

And like hundreds of school days before this one I will load her in the car and we will drive up the road to school.  Only this time will be unlike the hundreds of other times because this time Ella will be getting out of my car with the others.

Some days this summer,  I have thought I was ready. Some day's I have thought that all-day school is really no big deal and I will feel fine when the day comes. But the day has come, the day that felt like an eternity away when I first saw those big green eyes and first held her close. And now that the day is here, I feel just as hurt by it as I ever did.

And totally thrilled at the same time that she is progressing, growing, learning, exploring.

I will certainly miss this chapter with my Ella girl and I feel that warm peace inside that this is the end of a chapter but not the end of the book. It has been a great story so far and I am going to (try to) love each page while I have it.

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