Friday, August 2, 2013

Your Daughter Needs You

Oh my Ella! She is ever so dramatic. We all just love her so much because she keeps us laughing and rolling our eyes. A few weeks ago chaos had ensued in my house. Brylee had a birthday party to get to and Kaden had a campout to get to. I was running around, shouting commands and throwing things in Kaden's pack and trying to find some dang tape to wrap the present. (Where is the blasted tape!) Scott was at work and so he was of no help. Our wonderful neighbor who is Kaden's best friend was standing in the kitchen with his camping pack giving us a play by play..."now we are 6 minutes late, now we are 9 minutes late, 10, 11, we're 15 minutes late."

 In the midst of all this pandemonium my sister in law came in the front door with her two oldest kids. One was going on the campout and getting a ride with me and her other one was going to the party with Brylee. Stacey was casually looking at the few things that have improved in my house since the last time she had been there and I was trying to be polite and say thank-you. Ella took one look at Stacey and decided that she should probably start a gigantic tantrum in the hopes that it would buy her a ticket to Stacey's house where her little stunt double cousin Lauren lives.

First it was a little crying and then it turned into a full on screaming fit of, "I want to go to someone's house!!" Basically screaming this right in Stacey's direction.

I kept telling her, "Ella, you are not going to Stacey's house."

Which just means to Ella, "OK ramp it up a notch because this casual fit aint doing the job."

And boy did she! By the time the campout boys and the baby were loaded in my car and the party girls were off, Noah the neighbor friend was plugging his ears and Kaden was coaching us all threw the tactics of ignoring it. Who could ignore this?? Ella was screaming so loud from the back seat that I had to roll down the windows before we all about died of ear pain.

As soon as I pulled up to let the boys out they bolted like animals that had just been let out of the cage.

the screaming continued until I got home and then I "placed" Ella on the couch and ignored her. Sensing the fact that I was not going to respond to anything she was screaming for she changed her tactics to yelling,

"Daddy, Daddy, your daughter needs you!! Your daughter needs you! Daddy where are you?? Your daughter needs you!"

I burst into hysterical laughter!

So now when ever Scott IS home and Ella is screaming about something I just say, "Daddy, Daddy your daughter needs you!"

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