Friday, September 13, 2013

About the Rug

So about that rug.

We have lived in our wonderful new house for 10 months. And I have been looking for a rug for the living room for at least 48 months. Almost every date night that Scott and I go on we stop by different places and look at area rugs. You should also know that I have searched the Internet as well. I email Scott different possibilities and he emails me some too.

And here is where I will say that Scott has himself a case of the colorblindness. I don't think his is as bad as some of his brothers but lets just say that his world is colored entirely different than mine at any rate.

He usually sends me stuff like this.

And then I just say,

"Oh thanks but that wont work."

So the other night I casually say, "Lets go look for rugs."

To which Scott smiles and says,

"Your chance for picking a rug is expired."

I laughed so hard. He is such a good sport and really, my rug finding time has probably maxed out.

Tuesday night Scott takes Brylee to swim team, he usually stays and watches her. But last Tuesday night he got bored, so I am told, and so he went to browse at Lowes. Seems about right.

And after swim practice my husband waltzes in the house with a big area rug bent over his shoulder.

"Is that a rug?" I say. Sure that my colorblind husband who has a preference for certain 80"s type decor has not really gone and purchased a giant area rug at Lowes...without me. Surely he has not.

Surely he has.

We moved the couch and I cleaned months worth of...

lost paci's
a pet shop
a few raisins
a measuring cup
and food particles
of unknown

Eww, from under the couch.

We roll that puppy out and--holy colorblind husband I done love that rug!

I don't know how he did it but he did.

I vacuumed it out put the couch back into place and said,

"You did good Boy."

Miracles never cease around these parts!

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