Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kindness Begins With Me

My number one goal as a mother is to teach my children to be kind. That one concept, that one single Christlike attribute is the most important thing that I want them to be.

Nothing feels quite so good as being kind and on the other hand receiving kindness is pretty good too.

For example.

Kaden's scout master is not one of those young scouter Dads. He is a grandpa, he spent more than 20 years in the military and he is an amazing, humble, loving scout leader. Kaden has been serving as the deacons quorum president and has really loved his calling. The Deacons were incharge of the big combined activity for the month of September and Kaden worked hard to put on a really fun activity. This is no small feat since our ward as about 100 youth. He had meetings, made phone calls and made sure all the details were worked out.

Since Kaden uses my phone to communicate with the scout master I often intercept text between the two of them. The morning after the big activity I got this:

Kaden, I wanted you to know what Brother Stapley said to me last night as we were cleaning up. He said, "Boy Kaden sure did a really great job tonight, even up in front of all those youth he didn't hesitate or falter." He is right you know. As you continue to exercise faith your confidence will grow with men and more importantly your confidence will wax strong in the presence of God. Well done my friend, keep up the good work and this will be a great time of preparation for future priesthood service."

Tears rolled down my cheeks. This simple note of kindness for my boy felt like a part of the load of parenting had been lifted off my shoulders for a bit and carried by this good leader. I often feel like Scott and I are the only adults in our kids life that are building them, cheering them and encouraging them along. So to have Brother Holgate take some of that task and make it his own meant the world to me.

Example number 2:

My little brother Josh is in the trenches. He has a 2 year old son and one more due any day and he is in his first weeks of Dental school. The weight of the world is on his back and his schedule is heavy and tight. The pressure he is feeling right now is tremendous, yet twice in the last weeks I have received sweet notes from him. It's hard to believe someone under the strain he is under could still take a few minutes to stop and lift someone else. But he did.

So many days I feel stretched thin just meeting the needs of my own family. Just keeping up with life inside my four walls. I realize that I probably miss the chance to be kind to others just because my head is buried in my own family. I need to do better and I need to reinforce this with my kids more.

Everyday when they get out of the car for school I say,

"Do something nice for someone today." or "Be a friend to someone who doesn't have one."

But rarely in the after school chaos do I say,

"Who did you help today?" or "whose friend were you today?"

That is going to change.

I am planning a big family night to really talk to their hearts about being kind and searching out the chance everyday to love someone.

I am going to show this clip to them. You should watch it with a tissue.

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