Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Remember, Remember

I should write about yesterday.

It was a doozy.

It started Sunday evening when I started not feeling all that good. By 1am I was in a ton of pain and I knew exactly what was wrong. I alternated from the bath tub to the couch all night until somewhere around 4am when the pain became near the unbearable point. So I drove my self to the nearest 24 hour drug store, in the dark, to get some temporary relief until I could call the doctor in the morning.

The medicine helped just enough to take the edge off and Scott and I fumbled through getting the kids up and off to school. I could barely just lay on the couch and point to the general direction of the lunch supplies and breakfast items.

It was a difficult hour full of every inconvenience possible and I was so glad when Scott drove off to school with our 4 big kids. I got Cali a supply of snacks and drinks, put a movie on for her and locked us in the TV room. I collapsed on the couch and waited for the magic hour that I could call the doctor.

I hate being sick more than anything in the world. It was almost noon when I was able to stumble out to my car, coax Cali into her car seat and drive to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. After I had had a double dose of antibiotics in me I put Cali down for a nap and crawled into bed. I was still in my pajamas with unbrushed teeth and day old mascara under my eyes.

At 3:30 I heard the bus pull up so I wobbled out of bed just to tell the kids that Dad would be home soon, to be good and not let any friends in the house. I gave my speech and then my heart dropped as I looked around and said,

"where is Ella?"

My big kids just looked dazed and confused and looked at each other but didn't respond so then I yelled,

"Where is Ella?"

The only answer I got was, "We saw her in the bus line."

After checking the house and calling the school without getting an answer I grabbed my keys and left for the school still in PJ's and with out even a glance in the mirror and going on 30 something hours of no sleep.

I flung the door to the office open and by this time I had broken out in a crazy down pour of sweat, I was literally dripping. Mr. Brown, our wonderful principal was at the attendance desk and I practically screamed,

'Mr. Brown, Ella didn't get off the bus!"

He went straight to work radioing the busses and I ran for Ella's class room.

Her teacher was just leaving and I yelled,

"Mrs. Heyse, where is Ella?"

She looked at me worried and said, 'I don't know I put her in the bus line."

It was around 3:45 by now and I figured in my foggy head that it had been at least 30 minutes since anyone had seen her. Scott was on his way to the school and after 10 or so minutes of calling bus drivers it was clear that Ella was not on any of the school busses.

I was sobbing by now in my disgusting state of unshowered sickness and I just whimpered to our principal,

"Scott will be here soon, I am going home to check the neighborhood."

He reached for my arm and said,

"She'll be OK, we'll find her"

As I drove home, I cried as I thought about Scott calling the police and us having to search through neighborhoods where she may have gotten off at a wrong stop. I set the kids out to check all the neighbors houses and pealed off my dripping wet clothes, then I collapsed near my bed and begged Heavenly Father to help us find Ella.

My neighbor Holly came to the door after running down the scorching hot side walk in her bare feet and just as she came in Scott called to say they had found her. It was 4:31-- over an hour since anyone had seen her. I sobbed while Holly reassured and calmed.

Ella had decide that it would be fun to attend the after school dance class that her friend gets to go to. The office had paged her several times but the music in the dance room made it so she never heard the pages. Ella's sweet teacher had been making a room to room check when she found Ella in the dance room completely unaware that we had been frantically searching for her.

An hour later Holly delivered a full meal including dessert and I showered and went to bed.

Today I feel so much better and I have that wonderful peaceful feeling of gratitude.  Almost 100% of the time I am healthy and feel good. I get to take care of my family and home and I have a body that lets me enjoy all of the good things that life has to offer. What a gift that is!

Also, I have 5 healthy kids that ALL went to sleep under my roof last night safe in their beds. I can hardly stand the thought of there being a single day that I do not remember to be grateful for that gift.
When we wake up in the morning we just assume that we will get to go to bed that night with everyone still safe and happy, I take it for granted too much.

I really hated yesterday but I am glad for the reminder of how good, ordinary, boring days and I am so grateful for loving neighbors, kind teachers an amazing principal and an all knowing Heavenly Father that lets us learn and grow and remember.

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