Thursday, October 31, 2013


And before I knew it, it was the day before Halloween. I decide that our only window for carving pumpkins was right after school on Wednesday. Between bus drop off at 3:30 and needing to be at he church with the cotton candy machine set up and with all the kids plus 2 neighbor girls in their costumes by 5:30.

So right before the kids got home, I rolled their pumpkins out to the sunny patch of grass in our back yard. I set out the carving tools and left Cali sleeping in her bed. Cali has no fears or inhibitions so her and knives don't mix well.

It felt so so so good to have a relaxed, no fuss carving session, where I was not saving Cali's life and fingers every second. The 3 big kids are good to go on their own (finally!) and so I helped Ella and took pictures. There were no tears which I would be willing to say was a first for our family. Believe it!

Everyone was happy with how their Jack-o-lanterns turned out which is a miracle for my perfectionist boys. A Halloween Miracle. Amen.

The sun was just right and I didn't hate the whole thing.


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