Friday, October 18, 2013

House of Mouse? Over My Dead Body

My life is over.

I am putting this house up for sale.

You think I am kidding.

Last Friday night our old friends the Raymonds and the Goeckeritz came over for a BBQ. Our combined 16 children hadn't seen each other in a while and it was time to get together. A few days earlier Brylee had come in screaming and panting and freaking completely out that she had seen a mouse or "something with a tail." I literally ignored her completely and just said, it was probably a gecko.

So back to the BBQ. In the middle of dinner we hear the shrieks of little boys screaming,

"I saw it!! There it goes!! Get it!! A mouse! A mouse!!"

All the moms grabbed the bare foot little babies and screamed like little girls and stood on chairs. Scott grabbed a broom and Tim took off his giant flip flop. And there ensued the most hysterical game of chase I have ever witnessed. A pack of boys and 3 grown men chasing that stupid, lightening fast little sucker around the yard. At one point in the jumble Tim stepped on the hose spraying Scott right in the face. At long last after a good 5 minutes of the mouse having the upper hand Scott wacked it with the broom, threw it in the fire pit and pounded his chest like a gorilla. Tim and Lafe and him laughed like they had just had the time of their lives. OF THEIR LIVES!

Haha, I thought. How funny we had a mouse in our back yard. Yeah that's real great, glad we could provide such an entertaining night.

Since then our traps have caught 6 more!!!!

So like I said, I am out of here. I told Scott, it's me or the mice, let me know when they are gone and I will come home.

You think I am kidding.

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