Thursday, October 3, 2013

September by the Sea

Ever since Scott and I got married we have spent the last week of September by the sea. In 2004, realizing that our family was growing pretty fast and not wanting to chance it on Scott's parents over stuffed condo, we took a bit of our hard earned savings and purchased our own week. That way no matter how hot the summer has been and no matter how high the homework has piled up and no matter how many cousins are cramming into Grandma's condo we still have September by the sea. It was a good decision. (The teachers hate it).  We throw homework to the side and dig in the sand for a few days. I love the chance to have no schedule for a week. It gives me so many of those happy moments where I can just look around at all my kids having fun and relaxing and not worrying about where we have to be and what needs to get done. The answer at the beach is nowhere and nothing. Ahh, feels good.

For the first time in a long time, (it seems) we made it to the beach without a flat tire or a car accident or a delay because of scout camp or a swim meet or things like that. The kids call it The Curse. I am glad that this time, The Curse did not strike.

On our first night there,  some kids in another condo were screaming and running around and playing. I was just telling Scott how much I love that sound when an old man came out of another condo. He yelled at the top of his lungs,

"Where are your parents! Be quiet!"

And then he marched back into his condo and slammed the door so hard that the whole building shuttered.

As long as I live may I never ever become a grouchy old lady that hates the sound of happy children.

Such a shame. And I felt sorry for that old guy and his quiet grouchy life, life could be so much happier for him.

So now we have homework up to the rafters and I spent the whole day Monday doing load after load of sand filled laundry. and Tuesday night at a photo shoot and about 2 and half hours stocking back up at the grocery store.

It was totally worth it.

On our last day Scott and I decided last minute to spend the day at the SanDiego Zoo. We had such a fun day together. I am always impressed (and thankful) for how well Scot and I work together. It doesn't seem to matter what the outing is we can manage the heat, the snacks, the bathroom breaks, the tantrums, the lines, keeping track, pushing strollers and lugging stuff...bring it on,  we will have fun no matter what. And we did!

My photo shoot of my cute brothers and their cute families.

We also got a new niece and a new nephew while we were gone that we cant wait to meet!

I am so thankful for September by the Sea. I am so thankful for new babies. I am so thankful for healthy, happy, good kids. I am so thankful for a husband who loves adventure and fun and can handle all the inconveniences of hauling around a load of kids. I am thankful for the problems and struggles and challenges that arise that make the good days that much more beautiful.  I am so thankful for a loving God that created an amazing world for us to enjoy. I am so thankful for sandy toes, coppery, sunkissed skin and cold cheeks fresh from a shivery ocean.

Life is good even back home with my laundry and chores.

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