Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shark Attack

This was fuuu-N-EEE!

It all started while I was taking a  baby sitting shift of my sister in laws 4 kids while they spent a week together in Hawaii. Well it was more like 9 days but whose counting. ( jealous!)

Ella has a little boy cousin who is her age named Beau. They are darn cute together and I really cant think of a time that they have been mean to each other although I am sure it has happened. Beau got a little scrape on his knee and I mean magnifying glass little. But as it is with 6 year olds this was an emergency and he neeeeeded a bandaid. I sent Ella upstairs with the injured little man and told her to show him where the bandiads are. I couldn't do it I had like 20 other kids running around my house. You don't want to turn your back on that business!

When they came back down the steps Beau said vey seriously to me,

"Don't worry Julz, we didn't use those shark attack bandaids that you have."

I little confused I said,


Then Ella explained,

'Yeah Mom, you know those huge bandiads that you have incase we get our arm chomped off by a shark?"

Raised eyebrows waiting for a response from me,

"Um the big bandaids?"

"Yes Mom, we didn't use those because those are for shark attacks."

Then the pair went back outside to play leaving me laughing my guts out on the couch.

You never can be too careful you know.

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Melanie said...

the next time a shark attacks, you won't be laughing so hard cuz you'll have your big bandaids.

this was too funny!

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