Saturday, November 23, 2013

Birthday Letter-Kaden at 14

My Dear Kadenboy,
It has just been an amazing year for you, hasn’t it? We moved here a few days after your 13 birthday and you, more than anyone else, were not happy about it. You like routine and familiarity and moving away from the only home you had ever known did not seem like a great plan to you. But its funny how things work out and how Heavenly Father always knows best because here we are 12 months later and you are like a new boy. You have thrived here in our new home in every aspect of life. You have a pack of wonderful, righteous, happy, good and talented friends. Your piano skills have shot off like a rocket and you have excelled in every area of importance. I have seen how very aware of you your Heavenly Father is and it is amazing. Sometimes we think that because we have been blessed with a pretty good life that Heavenly Father has better things to do and more important children to bless. It’s kind of like why would Heavenly Father care what friends I have or my small problems when there are people starving and dying in the world? But He does! Satan is a liar and He would have you believe that the Lord does not have time for you, that He does not care, that He has already blessed you and now would like you to leave Him alone. Wrong! I know with all of my heart that He does know you. He knows you perfectly. You are His son and He loves you. He wants to hear from you no matter how big or how small your trials are. He wants to hear from you when you are happy or sad. He wants you to come to Him always and I have seen you do just that through your diligent, consistent scripture study, through your committed Priesthood service and through daily prayer. Oh how happy it makes me to see you developing such a strong and immovable testimony! The evils and the temptations of this crazy world will not be able to win you over as long as you put on the full armor of God through these protective, powerful habits that you have embraced. Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop not even for one day.

One of the very best things about you is that you love to fulfil assignments and responsibilities in the church. When you are asked to give a talk, you eagerly say yes. When you are asked to attend choir practice every Sunday, you do it happily. When you are asked to be Deacons Quorum President you feel honored. When you are asked to pass out fliers, fold up 1000 chairs or collect fast offerings you do it. When you are asked to fast you do not question it or cheat it in anyway. When you are asked to learn dances and songs for the Temple Dedication you see if for what it is and are excited to participate in this once in a life time event.  I literally cannot think of one time that you have complained about having to fulfill these duties, not one time—that is an amazing claim but it is true. Kaden, these next years will be the most crucial decision making time of probably your entire life. Time will move quickly as it always does and before you know it another birthday and another school year will pass. Don’t let these busy days be fruitless. Use them to build your knowledge, serve others and prepare for a mission.
You are a great big brother. I have seen in this last year such an effort from you to reach out to Branson. My how he needs you! I wish you could see his face light up the way I do when you invite him to come along, when you include him, when you encourage and compliment him. I don’t think you will ever quite know how HUGE your approval is to him. He may never say it and you may not believe it but he idolizes you and loves and needs you so much. A big brother is such an honored roll and in a very small way it mimics the roll of Jesus Christ. He is a Big Brother to all of us and following His brotherly example will be a light for you to follow as you work to be the best you can be in that wonderful position of Big Brother.

Dad and I love your enthusiasm for learning and reading and music and religion. We love laughing with you at ridiculous youtube videos and the hilarious stuff that Cali says. You are fun to be around and you have such a brilliant mind—you can memorize anything from rubix cube algorithms to piano pieces to facts for school tests. It is pretty amazing and we continue to look forward to seeing you use your many gifts, abilities and talents for good.

When I try to come up with words or expressions to say just how much I love you my heart just can’t decide how to do it. Of all the blessings I have been given, you are among my most prized. I feel honored and privileged every day to get to walk beside you as Mom. When I think of that warm November day that you were born I just can’t imagine that there has been any one in the whole world as lucky as me. Thank-you for being exactly who are.  I love you more than life and more and more with each passing year.

Happy Birthday my Handsome Kadenboy.

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