Monday, November 4, 2013

Boo Grahams and Blue Ribbons

There is a girl that has been going to school with Brylee and Branson since first grade. This poor girl,  who I will call Lilly, has it rough. She does not have a good home life and she often looks disheveled and neglected and the lunches she brings are just this side of tolerable. She has learning disabilities and is in general the kid you would say is different and while I don't think the kids at our school are blatantly mean to her, most of them go out of their way to avoid her.

Brylee on the other hand, with her heart as soft as a fresh baked doughnut, tries to be a friend to this friendless little girl.

On the day before Halloween Brylee nearly made us late for school because she ran upstairs at the last minute grab a handful of change from her wallet. On the way in I asked her why she needed the money so bad. She told me that she was going to send Lilly and a few other friends a "Boo Graham", . Boo grahams are little Halloween notes with candy attached that the students can buy for each other to be delivered on Halloween.  Brylee bought and addressed her Boo Grahams but didn't sign her name.

I had really forgotten all about the Boo Grahams but after stopping by all my kids Halloween classroom parties I corralled my kids and we (at last) were on our way out of the school. As we were walking Brylee was telling me how Lilly had been so super excited to get a Boo Graham. She danced around the room, showing it off and announcing to everyone that someone had sent her a Boo Graham. As Brylee was telling me the story someone tapped me on the shoulder and said to Brylee,

"Was that you?"

We turned around and there was a teacher that I had never met. She introduced herself as Lilly's Special Ed teacher and then told Brylee that she had never seen Lilly so happy and that getting that Boo Graham from a "mystery friend" had lifted her self esteem so much. She thanked Brylee and me and said good-bye.

Now this is the stuff of a good life! Oh how proud I am to be Brylee's mom and to get to learn from her sweetness everyday. I told her as we walked away that when we do something good we should never expect something in return but that today she had gotten a big reward for a small but meaningful act of love. It just doesn't take all that much to make someone's day and Brylee hit it out of the park on this one.

Later in the week I got a babysitter so that I could go to her last swim meet and enjoy seeing her smoke past the other swimmers and get the high point metal for the entire fall season. But that metal and her stack of blue ribbons mean nothing to me next to her good heart.

What a gal that girl, I'm so glad she's mine.


Melanie said...

awww! this one nearly had me in tears! that brylee and her heart of pure gold....

Paul and Jenny Stoker said...

What a sweet girl. I am glad you blogged it, because she might forget. It made me think of Matt Rice, remember him?

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