Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Busy Man

I am so thankful for Branson. He is a hard kid that never-EVER wants down time or sitting still time but because of that personality trait he is ambitious to infinity and beyond! He is first to get ready in the morning, literally popping out of bed and dressing while we read scriptures, because sitting still and listening would make him nuts. If I am still busy with the girls hair then he goes down and figures out what he will make for breakfast-waiting is not an option for Branson. Today he decided on breakfast burritos and had the potatoes and the eggs going by the time I got down.

This is just the way it is with him and while some aspects of this drive me crazy, I can see where this will go. He is going to do big things that kid. I feel bad for Moms who struggle with kids who want to be on video games all day. That would be so hard to be constantly regulating and timing each kids game time. If Branson sat down to play a video game, I would pass out with shock.

Instead he is constantly on the go. He never stops and he gets pretty grouchy when there isn't much going on. Sunday is torture for him. He was thrilled to the bone last week when we went out back to grill our steaks for dinner because he could grab the tongs and the seasoning and take control.

He makes sure all the doors are locked at night and he worries about elections and the direction of the economy. At times I have to remind him that he is a KID.

A really awesome kid. So glad that never sit still, busy little man is mine.

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