Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013 Done!

For the first time since Halloween of 2001 I had a really easy, stress-free Halloween. I honestly just didn't care. Didn't care if hair, costumes, pictures, traditions went perfectly or went at all for that matter. I didn't care if from the hour of 3 pm to the hour of 5 pm my house went from clean to disastrous. I didn't care if we were late to dinner, or that Branson trick-or-treated barefoot, I didn't care that Ella's white tights were black from the ward party the night before, I didn't care that Cali hadn't had her hair redone after her nap. I only cared that the kids were happy, safe and having a good time. And I cared about making it down to the school to see my kids faces light up when I walk in. That's good stuff.

The rest just didn't matter.

And we had a great time. No body got lost and no body threw a fit. Cali was TO-DIE-FOR cute with her determine little, "twickortweet" all in one word and then the "say fankoo" with a cute little wave good bye. She just can not understand that one should just say "thank-you" and not "say thank-you." But who am I to fix something so adorable?

The neighborhood we went to with cousins did a real live haunted house that my big kids loved and went through several times. We had a delicious dinner with all the Heywood cousins and --not kidding--Scott and I made it to bed by 10. This Halloween may be hard to beat.

Over the years I have collected a lot of costumes, so now a days we just open the bins and see what fits who. "The Blue Fairy" left over from one of Brylee's dance classes fit Cali perfect.

Ella has been drooling over Brylee's black and red dance costume for years. Her day of glory finally arrived and she was thrilled.



Branson was the only costume we spent money on. He just couldn't find anything in the bin that would fit him. He picked Bilbo.

Kaden really had no plans to dress up but for the ward party he did throw on Scott's Superman T-shirt.
A few years ago I was at Walmart a few days after Halloween and grabbed a bunch of cotumes for $1. At the time I didn't even know what Monster High was but I ended up getting a Monster High costume. This year it ended up being the only thing that fit Brylee. She DID NOT want to be a Monster High Doll. So NOT Brylee. But she was a good sport and wore it anyway telling people that she was a "school Goul".  So this was her costume for the ward party.

The night before Halloween I felt a little worried because I knew she didn't want to wear her costume to school. And then in a stroke of utter Motherly genius I thought of a costume that we could easily put together that she would love. And I was right.
Now we are loaded down with tons of candy that I will be systematically throwing away every chance I get.
Happy Halloween!


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