Monday, November 18, 2013

Such is my Children

On Friday the weather was beautiful and so I strapped Cali in her stroller, slug my camera over my neck and headed out into the neighborhood to get pictures of a ton of ladies in the ward that I needed for a Relief Society assignment.

At first Cali was OK, she did want to bring 800 toys and she did wiggle out of her seat belt but she wasn't running away from me or having a fit so things were good. At every house Cali got a little more feisty. Opening the fridge, climbing on counters, helping herself to snacks and toys. I was trying so hard to set up the photos and say in my super nice voice,

"Cali, get down, put that away, that's not yours...ect..."

About the 3rd house I was fully sweating and each time we needed to move on I had to chase her down, rip toys from her hand that weren't hers and haul her screaming, kicking body back out to the stroller- all while yelling, "Thanks!" to whoevers house I was leaving.

She would never get back in the stroller but since she feels inclined to RUN into the street I was doing a bit of forcing and we ended up compromising for the basket.

Incase you didn't know, all 5 of my toddlers have been like this. There just has never been in my experience a calm, shy toddler. They are like toddlers on steroids and a simple outing can be like running a marathon. Every time I venture out, I come home exhausted and then I decide to never leave home again.

And such is the way of my children. Good thing they are so cute.

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