Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Little Go at Catching Up

December so far...

We have no hope of getting a good family picture. Cali just does not cooperate. She even tells me, "I not say cheese." And if I ask her, "did you smile for pictures?" She says, "I didn't smile." She does it on purpose. Not only will she not smile, she wont even look and when she does it is a look of distain.  Yesterday I decided that we were going to try for a quick picture on our way off to school. So I hid the uniforms under their coats and scarfs and grabbed the neighbor boy and took a few quick shots. AND Cali still didn't look or smile. But instead of forcing her I just handed her a big fist full of twigs that she really wanted and let her be. OH WELL. Maybe next year she'll be big enough to understand a bribe.
Thanksgiving was pretty awesome for us. We played with cousins all the way from Wednesday until Saturday. Scott went easy on black Friday shopping but still managed to get most of our list done in one day, what a guy. I love having a husband that does the Christmas shopping.

Also the scouts in our ward did a turkey roast fund raiser and Kaden, Branson and Scott all devoted a bunch of time to it. It was neat to see them give up playing Thanksgiving football or sleeping in to help out. And our turkey fresh from the fire pit was so good!

Last week we took the kids to the Christmas lights at the Mesa Temple. I love the Mesa Temple and even though I am thrilled to no end about the new temple there will always be a big place in my heart for the Mesa Temple and its beautiful grounds.

This was so funny. Cali went into a little trance while running her hands over Scotts whiskers and when we started laughing at her she basically attacked Scotts face squealing out..."tickle, tickle!" Maybe it's not that funny now but we were cracking up.

Cold Weather! Winter shows up late in the Valley, it leaves early too and it doesn't pack a very big punch compared to other parts of the country so we like to savor the cold days that we DO get. On a rainy day last week I opened the back door and decided that it was a great day for sewing. After Cali was down I sewed up two bed skirts. I still have 3 to go but it was a perfect afternoon for me. So relaxing and quiet.


Kaden participated in the East Valley millennial Choir this semester. To say that he loved the whole experience would be undercutting it. He had an amazing time. The night of the concert I wasn't feeling that great and emotionally I felt pretty defeated, to tell you the truth I was just glad to be away from the messes and work and the homework and chaos at home. I was expecting a good concert but when that huge, powerful choir sang the Halleluiah Chorus I just wept. I could only see a side profile of Kaden but I couldn't help but picture him among the Heavenly Hosts giving praise to Christ with his whole heart.

Last night we did the annual Christmas cookies and Gingerbread house party at Scott's Mom's. My kids love this day and I don't know how Donell ever gets her house back together after it's done. Christmas explosion kind of mess over there.

I love December. I really don't put stress on my self to be too fancy or go over board in any way. A long time ago I forgave myself for not being at every gathering and party. And I really don't care if the kids's hair and clothes are exactly right when we do go. I don't feel embarrassed by our haphazard Christmas d├ęcor that my kids do pretty much by themselves. I don't feel bad if our Christmas card picture is not great. So December and me are friends and I am so glad that she is here!

All caught up!