Sunday, December 1, 2013

Birthday Festivities

We celebrated our boys' birthday all weekend long!

Saturday morning Scott woke him up early to head out for a service project. I was not surprised that Kaden just got up, got dressed and headed out. It was early and cold and he had bed hair.

Then I fed him breakfast on Grandma's china, per tradition. He wanted breakfast burritos.

Then Scott took Kaden, Brylee and Branson out the movies and then later that night he had his friends over. Scott took them to see a show at Jesterz which they all really loved and then they came to our house for food, the fire pit and a movie.

Sunday was Kaden's ordination. At the beginning of church he was called up front to be sustained, the whole congregation raised their hands and then Kaden started to make his way off the stand and back to our row. I saw his scout master Brother Holgate say something to him as he passed their row. When Kaden got back to us I asked him what Brother Holgate had said.

"I almost voted no".

Such a typical comment from Brother Holgate he has been a wonderful, loyal, steady and loving leader to Kaden. I am certain that he has made a lifelong impact on him.

After church we met Kaden's grandparents in the foyer and gathered in the Bishops office for the ordination. Scott did a wonderful job-so heartfelt and fitting for Kaden.

Lets just take a look at the fun time I get to have when we try to get a family picture. Cali doesn't exactly like to hold still and she was mad that she couldn't color on the chalkboard inside the church building anymore so she whacked me in the head. Fun times....Don't forget to notice the fight she had with Ella at the end.



Then we had the grandparents over for dinner. I made one of Kaden's favorites, honey-lime enchiladas. Also about a month ago, I email all of the good men in Kaden's life and asked them to write Kaden a letter of encouragement, testimony, advice-anything that they thought might be a blessing to him over the next 4 years as he prepares for his mission. So before we ate Scott presented Kaden with the letters. He was so excited and later that night he curled up under the covers and devoured the letters. He loved them!

One more set of 14 candles and the festivities were complete! What an amazing weekend we had, I am so thankful for my Kadenboy!

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