Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Kick Off

I think Cali may have gotten a bad wrap on my blog lately. Oh boy can that girl be feisty! But man, can she ever be as sweet as powdered sugar on a warm fluffy doughnut.

We don't have church until 1:30 and it has been kind of nice to have an extra day to sleep in and yesterday we used that time to put up and decorate the Christmas Tree. (Actually, Branson decided that we were putting up the Christmas tree and he had it pulled out of storage and half way there by the time I was aware of the whole thing.)
These days I mostly sit back and take pictures. I let go years ago of trying to do this Christmas tree deal my way. It just works better to let the kids have at it and let it turn out however it does. The kids have fun and I don't feel stressed. "Sure! Go ahead put the gold lighted star on a tree with silver lights, yep it looks great! Yep! we can still use that homemade ornament that used to have candy canes glued to it until someone nibbled them off a few years ago, go right ahead!"
Anyway Cali really caught on to the whole idea and Scott and I kept watching her and then giving eachother that face that says, "Did you see that? Our kid is so dang cute." All proud and braggy.
She would find an ornament and then spend like 4 minutes pinching it just right between her fingers and finally getting it attached to a branch. Then she would throw her arms up in the air and yell. "I did it!" She would hug both of us in a show of pure pride at her work and then she would holler, "Wets keep going!" And off to find another ornament. Scott and I could have died happy and whole right then and there because it was THAT cute. (Even with her day old hair and pajamas, maybe even more so)

She was so proud. You would have thought she won the Olympic gold of ornament hanging.
The other kids were there too! Kaden played the piano, Branson and Brylee did the bulk of the work and Ella went from happy to not happy and back again just like ALWAYS.

Kaden's chubby cheeked picture from 2005 and the girls playing in the box were my other tree day highlights.

Last night after the kids were in bed I ventured into the front room for the first time since earlier. It looked like a Christmas bomb had gone off. Unpacked boxes and ornaments were everywhere and broken old bits of round Christmas balls were smashed into the carpet. It took me a while to straighten up but the sight of that sparkling Christmas tree and the thought of those sweet little hands that decorated it warmed my heart and made me feel so thankful for the mess. It was worth it.

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