Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Peace Stopped By

Since I am pretty much in the thick of raising kids there are a lot of days and moments that I feel like everything is chaotic. The calendar is full and the laundry is always going, cleaning and straightening is a constant, the front door opens and closes a bunch of times a day, there is always a mess of snacks and homework sprawled out everywhere and any time that we all have to be ready to go somewhere it can just get down right hectic.

It is so important for me to really be thankful for and savor the peace when it comes. It mostly comes when everybody is finally in bed for the night. BUT, sometimes peace shows it's gorgeous, glowing face in the middle of ordinary days. And I like Peace she is a needed friend and she is welcomed to come and stay anytime for as long as she wants.

Here she is on Sunday evening when everyone was happy and the smell of stake on the grill was wafting through the air.

Thanks for stopping by Peace it was nice having you.

Come back soon!

On an unrelated note, I eat this for lunch everyday so I thought I should document it. This is important stuff here. Tortilla, cheese, black beans, avocado and a whole punch of homemade cafĂ© rio dressing. Simple and so good.

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