Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I think the week before Christmas is a great time to clean out! Stuff is coming in and so stuff should go out. In a BIG way I think. This is also a perfect time to say to the kids, "Go get everything from your room that isn't special to you anymore and lets take it to someone who will love it!" Let them even take some of their "good" stuff, its so good for them. My kids have enough and then some and I don't want them to only give the forgotten broken junk. Oh and I just love a good clean out! I love teaching my kids to be happy without tons of material things. I for one AM happier with less, with a sparse closet and cupboards in the kitchen filled with only things I USE daily and weekly. I just went back and reviewed my old "stuff" post to get myself motivated and I thought I would link it. So here you go.

This way you will have time to clean up the microwave when your boy explodes 2 boiled eggs inside of it. WOW.


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