Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cowboy and Mother

Last Saturday I got to spend part of the day at the park with my West family. It was such a beautiful day. Blue BLUE sky and perfect weather. My kids played their little hearts out like only kids can and they really had fun being at a different park. I mean we go to the same park every time, this was like a trip to the moon as far as they were concerned.

The twins-oh these twins- they played with and tracked Cali and Ella the whole time, it was so nice to catch up with my aunts, uncles and cousins with the twins on the watch. Love them!

It was January 11th exactly 63 years to the day that my Grandma and Grandpa were married. While we ate lunch, I sat next to my Grandpa and asked him a few details about that long ago day. Referring to my Grandma as "Mother" like he always does, he motioned toward our pack of kids and said, "all of them came from Mother and me." Then he asked me if I thought she was there at the park with us. I told him that of course she was, with most her family there, where else would she be? He smiled and one lone tear rolled out from under his thick shaded glasses.

I am so thankful for my Grandpa and Grandma West, it seems like they were part of every single day of my childhood. Grandpa was a cowboy and a fireman and he often came to our school to give presentations, he even went with me as a medic to 5th grade science camp-I loved that. And I spent many hours with my Grandma, grocery shopping at Luckys and visiting on her bed while she folded her towels--perfectly. Maybe they weren't part of everyday, but my memory says they were. They had a little bit of a feistiness to their marriage and I kind of like that about them. I will never forget one afternoon, as a teenager, I was feeling really sorry for myself about something that I cant even remember now. I walked through the back gate and into my Grandparents yard, tip toed across the wet mud left there from the irrigation the day before and climbed into the big rope hammock that hung between two huge shade trees, to pout. After a few minutes my Grandpa hollered out at me that I shouldn't have walked through the mud and that it would leave big dried up divots in the yard. Grandma was hot on his trail, snipping at him from the back door, "you leave her alone, she can go out there whenever she wants." I love that story and somehow the love Grandpa has for Grandma seems to have deepened and deepened over all these lonely years.

How I love them.


Anderson Adventures said...

I always have so much fun when we all get together! Thank you for writing about their love story and for sharing your memories!

Karli said...

Love them so much. The day after Thanksgiving, Tucker and Luke and I stopped by Papa's, and he ended up talking about Grandma for 2+ hours. He took us all through the house talking about his memories and his feelings about life and family. And luckily, I had enough battery on my phone to record almost all of it. For the past couple years, every time he gets talking, I've started recording. I need to start transcribing them!

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