Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Full Days

This week has been a doozy. Kaden and Branson are in the thick of their sports seasons, Ella was sick, we have had dinner guests and carpools and huge papers and book reports and Relief Society meetings and at last our new temple opened. Just two shifts into my facilities assignment and I have already had such tender experiences that I need to write much more on later.

I spent most of last Saturday down in Tempe with Cali packed up and lugged along at Kaden's wrestling tournament. He has only been wrestling for a total of about 6 weeks but he loves it and I tell you what, thanks to my brothers he has wrestling coursing through his veins. My brother Josh met me down at the tournament and was a HUGE support to Kaden and to me.

Later that day he sent me this,

"I'm very proud of the way Kaden acted today. When he won he didn't jump up and down like a fool and when he lost he didn't lay on the mat and pound the ground like a baby. Win or lose he acted like a man."

Awh so nice. Kaden is lucky to have all those uncles to help him learn the sport. And to encourage him along the way. Those little brothers of mine are priceless to me and I worry about them and hope for them just like I do with my own kids. They are all so busy in the thick of school and young family life but they have taken time to check on Kaden's wrestling over and over. It is such a blessing.

Scott spent his day at Branson's first gymnastics meet of the season where he was sick for all 6 events. This Saturday we will swap.

Phew! We are running and running these days! I am not a fan of it but between school, work, church and letting the kids even do one extra thing, we are booked. On one of the busy afternoons last week, Ella and Brylee were playing outside together. Ella came in for a "pomatoe" which she then ate like an apple. But the sound of those two girls, just relaxing and playing and being perfectly happy sisters, calmed my soul and gave me a real moment of joy.

Such cuties, I sure love them.

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