Monday, January 6, 2014

More Pics Please

I took very few pictures in 2013. I mean relatively anyway. I still took hundreds of pictures but you know my grandma probably only took a total of about 50 in her whole entire life. Sometimes I think they may have enjoyed events more than we do because they weren't worried about taking pictures and the few they did take are such treasures.

But there is not much I love more than going back and seeing love and fun and sometimes event giant fits captured on camera. I plan to do better this year. I didn't take ANY pictures during Christmas break. I am regretting it now. I had that yucky back to school pit in my stomach when I woke Kaden up bright and early to head out for another semester. I hugged him a little long and a little tight in the door way and then I crawled back into bed with the others for one more day of slow before we head back to fast. Yuck.

So like I said 2014- take more pictures, write more stories, finish the house and make the details count for something, exercise and hike more, keep eating healthier, read the Bible, never miss Home Evening and never yell at the kids. Ha!

How's that for goals!

I did get started on the house by moving my church pew in-(found on craigslist for $100 and refinished by my brother in law), painted the dark frame in the entry white and changed the dark rug for a light one and I feel better already. I like simple clean d├ęcor but I have learned I need a lot of light and bright.

Stairway trim, paint the bench and finish the bedskirts are next.

But for now I still have one day with my 4 younger kids so everything else will have to wait.

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