Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Temple Tour

We were there the day that ground broke for the construction of the new Gilbert Temple. We had packed up our 4 little kids and a few water bottles. Cali was tucked into my waistline about 5 months along. Branson was grouchy and we all got super dusty. A nice man saw me holding my sleeping 3 year old and found me a chair. I loved the talks and the music and if you asked me I would tell you the truth--that it was a huge hassle to be there on a Saturday, it was hot but it was totally worth it.

We were there again the day that the Angel Moroni was placed. It was REALLY hot. But I loved the sight of all those school kids and spectators running and climbing and excited to get a glimpse.

We have, quite literally,  seen almost everyday of the construction of the temple. We have seen the trucks and construction crews and cranes and delivery trucks and landscapers. Piece by piece and day by day.

Then we saw the trucks and the crews disappear and they were replaced by throngs of people walking up the sidewalk and across the street in their Sunday best. On the first day that the temple was open for tours I had a 10pm cleaning assignment. The next day I sent this email to my family.

I had the 10pm to mid-night shift last night. It was an amazing feeling to actually be inside after being at the ground breaking on November 13, 2010, being at the placing of the angel Moroni and then watching the progress literally every single day. I felt so grateful to get to vacuum all the sealing rooms. As I worked, I  looked at myself in the reflecting mirrors and thought about how grateful I am to have a forever family. It is worth any sacrifice! I also got to polish the glass stair ways and doors. After we were done we quietly toured all the rooms, the detail and workmanship is breathtaking but it was when we entered the baptistery that I was just overcome. It is a sacred place and we were perfectly silent except for the sound of the water softly filtering through the font. I couldn't help but picture my kids standing there, all in white doing this ordinance for people who have been waiting so long for it. It was a powerful experience. And it made my love for Jesus Christ even stronger. He truly loves us and wants ALL of the human family to have access to these ordinances.
And last week, we at last took our kids to see the inside of the temple that they have seen the outside of everyday from day one. (so sad that Kaden had a wrestling tournament and missed our tour, he will be attending this week). It felt almost surreal to be taking my kids through at last. They loved it and I am so thankful for the chance to be there with them.