Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Good Day for Homemaking

Today all the boys left bright and early. Scott and Kaden to the Temple Cultural Celebration practice and Branson to an all day gymnastics event. So today its me and my girls.

We are going to open up all the windows, do a good clean out of whatever I can get my hands on, finish Brylee's bed-skirt and wash all the sheets in the whole house.

I love this....

Laundry is such a constant in the life of a mother. It is so much work but doesn't it feel good to put away a pile of freshly washed clothes or stretch a warm sheet over a bed? I do my best thinking when I am folding clothes. There is something methodical in the mundane, unseen and sometimes unappreciated tasks of life. Call me crazy but I do find serenity in the basics of homemaking.

When we are all done with the work, I think we will put on our aprons and make bread, it seems like the right thing to do on a homey day like today.

Happy Homemaking.

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