Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Around the House February 2014

I love looking back at my around the house photos. It is probably meaningless and boring to anyone else but I think it will be really interesting and fun for my kids someday. I mean I would love to have pictures of my childhood home, wouldn't you?

I finally changed the chalkboard from a Christmas quote to a quote that is probably more for me than for my kids.

I sold my boring brown couch that I hated and switched it for this little bench from Target, I love that it brightened up the room.

Oh laundry! I usually do laundry everday. I don't like it to pile up but last week was so busy and I was out of the house so much that it DID pile up. This is just one week and that doesn't include towels and bedding.

Have Mercy!

I meant to write about this a while ago but never got to it. Last Christmas Scott and I listened to THIS amazing talk by President Eyring. I was so inspired and I decided that Scott and I could do the same for our kids minus the hand carving. So I prayed and scribbled notes and worked all year to find a scripture that would help each of our big kids recognize and work on the specific gifts that they have. It was so awesome to be able to gather them around the week after Christmas and talk to them about why we chose the scripture we did for each of them. We had some neat experiences through the year working on this and it was fun to finally be able to put the boys scripture boards up. The week earlier I had found these two shelves at goodwill for $3.50, I painted them, drilled holes, added knobs and whacked them into the wall all in one afternoon. Brylee's scripture board is still laying on the floor, ugg!

I actually asked Branson if he would be willing to toss some of his trophies. You would have thought I asked the kid to donate one of his limbs.

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