Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beauty in the World

I have spent more than a year struggling to stay consistent with exercise. ME! Who knew?! I mean I had spent my life being active, it always came easy to me and running and playing and stretching was like filling up on pure fuel for my body AND soul.

But life will get you if your not watching your back and that is exactly what happened. A major move, trials with several of my siblings and the regular demands and sorrows of life and BAM--your in a slump. But I am climbing out and this morning on my run I felt strong for the first time--in a long time.

Sweet salve to the soul it felt good!

I knew it was going to be a good week when we got home from church on Sunday. We take fasting in our house as a family. We do it TOGETHER and somehow that makes that Sunday evening meal magical. While the grill heats up we all go on and on about how good it smells and what we are going to take a bite of first. Then when it's all spread out and we are about to pray I say, "We eat like kings, you know, so many people in the world are going hungry while we eat like kings." I say that because I always do. They expect it, it's my duty.

But this Sunday was just so good, happy faces, compliments on the food and all the rest. After dinner when the kitchen looked like a bomb had hit Branson turned on some loud music and we all sang and danced our way through the clean up. I could not have been more happy with life. The next morning I called Scott and asked him if he had felt it too. Sometimes we just get those perfect moments that make life sweet.

So with that perfect start I committed to a week of consistent exercise and so far so good. No more of this here and there, when I feel like it and when I am not tired--no more!

I am adding this song to our clean up sessions and my exercise. It's really good.

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