Thursday, February 6, 2014

Big Day

Today is special. Today is a check the kids out of school early day because this is big. Uncle Sam who was only 6 when Kaden was born is returning home from a 2 year, Spanish speaking, mission in New York. And you better bet we will be in that airport terminal with our foam Statue of Liberty hats on cheering him in. I want my kids to feel that excitement and I want them to see the glow that shines in these seasoned, tried and true, full time missionaries who have completed a life long goal to serve the Lord.

My kids have changed so much in the last 24 months...

Kaden is taller than me now, Ella's hair is almost touching her bum, the twins have lost their little kid faces and exchanged them for the pre-teen (big teeth, bushy eyebrow) look and Cali-be still my heart- isn't even that pixy hair baby anymore at all. We don't live in the same house that we did and Sam has never seen the temple down our street that has literally risen out of the ground since he left.

Sam is the last of our brothers to serve a mission. I could never say just how thankful I am to all these awesome "hunkles" that have been an example of goodness to my kids. I am so thankful that through them my kids have been able to see that when you believe in something so right, sacrifice becomes a privilege and service becomes an honor.

Today is a special day.

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