Friday, February 7, 2014

Birthday Letter-Cali at 3

Dear Cali,

Today you are three. I can remember three years ago like it was really only one breath ago. That day when you were born was one of those special days when heaven and earth combine for a moment. I knew that you were something special the moment I touched your petally skin and saw that swirl of black hair. I could just feel your spirit connect to mine and I was sure that you and I had known each other for a very long time. We already belonged to each other and so we were just meeting again after a long good-bye. My goodness Cali girl I loved you that day and everyday since has only made that love bigger and more beautiful and more powerful. I am so glad that you are mine.
You are beyond adorable these days.  Not one of us can really get enough of you and your delicious, savory vocabulary. The way you form words and sentences could melt the hardest of hearts like a Popsicle on the sidewalk in summer. I am determine somehow to memorize how you sound. The way you say “fank-you” and “oatmewk” and “bwason” and “Mama” and “OK last one” when I tell you no more candy. You always start with an OK and you pronounce those words in such an earnest way that I am totally convinced that you are on my side and then before I know it you have another piece and you look me square in the face and say “OK last one.” I also love your cute little “wets go!” when we are heading out to the car. Maybe my favorite is how you run up to me all day and say, “bed? bed?” Just checking every so often if it’s time for a nap. Oh these conversations with you are just the highlight of my day!

At anytime on any day there are a cluster of little footprints down on our big freezer door. Those foot prints are proof that you have been climbing up to get something out of the fridge. I wipe them off everyday and everyday I feel happy that they appear again. You love to change your pants and you go through about 5 or 6 pairs everyday. You love to ride our wiggle car and bounce on the tramp and you love to steal ipods and cell phones. You love nursery and you love to tell us about puzzles, bubbles, singing, snacks and toys like those 2 hours were the event of the century. You love dogs and animals and are not the least bit afraid of them. You can sing all the words to the song, “Let it Go” and actually several others but Let it Go is the funniest and you sing it with the most dramatic toddler flair.
Cali girl you and I are best friends. When we hug ourselves together throughout the day you always say, "bessfwends." I really love that because its true. We go everywhere together and we are only apart on the rarest of occasions. You are a great partner for just about everything and I am so thankful that its you by my side for errands and appointments and house cleaning and all the rest.
Time will keep whirling on after today. You will keep getting bigger and smarter and older. When I think about how lucky I am to get to be here with you for all that growing up and all those tomorrows I feel like the happiest Mom in all the world. You are everything that makes life joyful and good. You are sunshine and blue skies and I love you more than life and breath my sweet girl.
Happy Birthday.



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