Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Clothesy Memories

When Brylee was 3 I got her a yellow and orange top that had buttons down the back. It was bright and cheerful and she looked like a little marigold in it. One September, while we were in California, Scott and I decided to load up our three little ones and drive across the bridge to Coronado beach. Since we had left on a whim we didn't have swim suits or towels or strollers, we just had us and as it turns out, that's sometimes all you need. Brylee was wearing her marigold top.

It was a magical evening.

I can remember sitting in the sand with Scott watching our kids play in this amazing golden sunlight that was spreading across the whole beach. They were all so happy and so beautiful that we both just could not help but feel like we were the luckiest two people to ever live. It was one of those moments when I have felt certain that God is real.

I snapped lots of favorite pictures that night but this one of Brylee, with her arms stretched out has always just had the ability to bring me right back to that moment of pure happiness.

Over the next 5 years we had two more baby girls added to our family. All three of these sisters have worn that same yellow and orange top. All the wearing and washing and playing have finally taken their toll and last week I added that sweet piece of my memory to the pile of out going clothes.

Gulp. Sniff, sniff.

I always take a picture of my favorites before I send them on their way, it seems to ease the pain a bit. But this one hurt a bit more than most.

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