Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fun Run? I Beg to Differ

Our school has what they like to call a "fun run" every so often.

The older kids run a timed mile and the younger kids run a timed quarter mile.

This stupid so called fun run is the equivalent of a major life crisis for my kids. They go out for blood. I have tried explaining to them that it is called fun for a reason. There aint nothin fun about it thanks to their innate competitive spirits. The PE teacher goes on and on about how this is for fun and it doesn't matter what place you get as long as you try your best. Doesn't matter my big toe! It's a noble effort on her part, I would do the same but are you kidding? You tell a bunch of elementary kids that they have to run a mile together and that it will be timed and you really think that what place they get isn't going to matter to them? Oh it matters my friends. These kids could make a contest out of anything! Whose Dad is older, whose shoe size is biggest, who has stayed up the latest, who can eat the most pizza slices. The list could go on.

I hate the ever lovin fun run.

However, Branson actually took this one pretty calmly and ended up crossing first. Brylee had a full break down which included a teary call home because, lets face it, the girl isn't used to losing to anyone even boys and it is a little shock to her system that the boys are starting to get more competitive. She was first in the girls but what does that matter when boys you have been beating since Kindergarten are all of a sudden ahead of you. Major-life-crisis. Wow!

And who knew Ella Pants actually has a little fire under her after all. She killed it at the fun run and then fell to the ground and begged for water all cardiac arrest style.

Hilarious. Plus she held the belt of her jacket the whole way.

And to top it off Cali started out overly protective of Ella's water bottle...

then she moved on to the playground...

and by the time we left she had wet about a quarters worth of her bladder into her stretch pants and the wet spot was all stuck with sand.

Nice. I got myself and my pee plus sand bottom girl the heck out of there glad that the uh...... fun run is over for a bit.

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