Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Little Tom

Branson got a fishing net for Christmas. He really loves it and has used it to catch fish down at our near-by little fish pond at the park. Then yesterday to the amazement of a gathering of kids he caught a little turtle.

This is how I picture Branson when I close my eyes at night and let my mind file through each of my kids. He is happiest when he is outside, barefoot and free to explore, build, imagine and invent. He is my little Tom Sawyer and I have wished so many times that we were a country family living out on a farm so that Branson could really be himself.

After giving the little kids a chance to touch the hard shell, hold the wet body and see the beautiful designs on the turtles belly, they all followed him back to the pond where he let the little guy go.

Someday Branson is going to use all that energy and ambition and cant sit still and why would I when the world is so big and he will use it to do good things. I know it because he already does.

I sure love that little Tom Sawyer boy of mine.

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