Monday, February 17, 2014

Secret Date

Scott planned a secret date for Valentines Day. I was concerned, I don't like crowds and so I didn't want to spend our date in a packed restaurant or movie theater or anywhere that the rest of Arizona was going to be gathered.

I was relieved when we pulled up to the vacant top level of a near-by parking garage. Two of my very best friends were there and we could see all the night lights of Gilbert including an awesome view of the temple.

The boys had really thought of everything including candles and cute teenagers in tuxes to serve our food and play guitar music in the back ground. We enjoyed several hours of catching up and laughing our guts out with these good old friends. It was such a fun night.

When we got home Scott and I squeezed on Brylee and showered her with thanks and love for being such a good babysitter. When you spend so many years only having a sitter every few months it feels like you've struck gold when you can finally leave your own kids and they can do a great job.

Valentines Day 2014 --success!

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