Friday, February 21, 2014

The Desert in Winter

I love a Monday off of school. It feels so good to have that little extension of the weekend every now and then.

I also love sunshine. I am a desert rat through and through. My favorite Arizona weather is when the sun is strong enough to give you a little toasting of warmth but the air is still cool. Oh my goodness it's the best and these perfect days that the winter desert delivers are always accompanied by the most crystal clear blue skies. Really, this must be the weather in Heaven because it is glorious.

So when Presidents Day delivered near 90 degrees we hit the pool. This isn't a summer 90 degrees this is a February 90 where the shade feels like you could just curl up in a lawn chair and drift off to paradise. It's that good my friends. The kids swam for 4 hours and I had the best of pointless relaxing conversations with my sister in laws. Sometimes you just need those easy conversations full of laughing, nodding, rolling your eyes and sharing the snacks in each others bags while your kids soak up cousin time.

It was good stuff. Where else can you swim in February under a warm summer-like sun?

I Heart Arizona.

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