Thursday, March 13, 2014

Midnight Caregiver

Cali is a really good sleeper. She sleeps in her own bed and almost always sleeps through the night without a problem. Tuesday night she cried at 11pm. I held her for a minute, gave her a drink and tucked her back in. At midnight I heard her cry again only this time she stopped before I even made it down the hall to her bedroom. Then at 1 she cried again. The poor baby was sick for sure.

I picked her up and brought her to my bed where she cried and cried and cried all. night. long. At 5am she was exhausted and finally fell back asleep. I was up at 6 to get the others going and to cancel my commitment to Ella's fieldtrip. Clearly Cali would need me to be with her and not out with the kindergarteners.

In the light of the morning I gave Ella the option of staying home with me and as I was explaining how sick Cali was Branson came in and said,

"I know Mom, I laid with her when she cried at midnight and I came down stairs to fill her sippy cup, I went back to my bed when she was asleep. Oh and I think she has a fever because she felt hot."

The he walked out of my room and finished getting ready for school.

If only there were words to say how special that boy is.

I am so thankful for that sweet little caregiving personality he was blessed with that has blessed my life a million times over.

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Melanie said...

oh my goodness, i am in tears. (don't laugh! i'm just emotional this week.) that boy is incredible! to get up with his sister in the night is one thing, but to take care of her, and just mention it in passing without expecting a pat on the back?! he's amazing. hope Cali is feeling better!

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