Friday, March 7, 2014

POW-WOW and some Happiness

And so that's it, I am totally fed up with our morning routine and we are going to do an over hall. The kids better watch out because I am about to go drill sergeant on them. Not really but maybe. I am formulating a plan of action and have already scheduled a little family pow-wow for Sunday night wherein these sweet little children of mine are going to be informed of the NEW morning schedule. I feel like I should do an evil cackle right now. BUT I am not evil I am only determine to give them a better start. My goal is for me to NOT be giving ANY reminders. I might just spiral into a fit of insanity if I have to hear my self saying the same things morning after morning, 50 times over for each kid again. No more my friends. My kids are so lucky that they have a Mom who is going to lovingly teach them the life skill of getting up, fed and ready without the help of another human. I will still be cooking them breakfast and participating in scriptures but the rest, I am signing off on. They should thank me.

And now for the happiness. Even with the frustrations and the growing pains of family life there is so much good and FUN and wonderful, don't you think?

Brylee has been reading the Nancy Drew series, so classic.

Oh and she is an amazing big sister. (Even when Cali cant seem to keep her pants pulled up).

Kaden loves the piano and he is getting quite good. I will never get tired of hearing him play (well except Maple Leaf Rag, done with that one!).

Kaden also loves the temple. The temple has been open for members to come do work there for 3 days, two of those days Kaden has been there doing baptisms. Its like a magnet to him and he just cant stay away. Be still my heart.

One of the best things about Arizona this time of year is the hot air balloons. Almost every afternoon we see hot air balloons floating near our neighborhood, sometimes they get really close. Scott and I took a hot air balloon ride the day we were engaged so I have a bit of a soft spot for them.

Cali looks completely disheveled by the end of the day. Sometimes by the half way point. She loves to climb and run and ride her little wiggle car. Most days I try to find some time to take her out front and let her play. (I like how you can tell by her giant scrape in these pictures how rough and tumble this girl is.)

Can someone tell this girls Mom that its time for the paci to go?


I was just snapping pictures thinking how cute and fun Cali is and then...she licked.

And let me tell you she was proud of that little lick mark telling me over and over that it was an "apple". Wow.

Everyday after school Ella runs up stairs and changes into some sort of eccentric dress up outfit. She gathers a few toys and then spends about an hour out back playing and pretending. A lot of the time she holds a notebook and pen and crosses her legs like she is an important secretary or something. It's pretty awesome.

Branson is getting ready for his state meet and spends most days down at the gym. I love the time we spend together in the car. He divulges so much of his heart during those drives. The other day he told me that even when he is not at gymnastics, he is thinking about gymnastics. He loves it.

I have one week to get the morning routine whipped into shape before we are off for spring break. And then we get to set the morning routine, and all routine for that matter, to the side and be free for a spell! I cant wait!

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