Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rough Start

This morning I thought I might completely lose it with my kids. One never made it into scriptures, one cried because the snap on her shorts wasn't cooperating, one woke up with her hair stuck to her snot, one complained about breakfast, all of them lazed around like getting ready for school was the equivalent of summiting Everest. There were fights over someone's elbow touching someone else's, fights over whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher, an argument concerning a hair cut, a realization that some homework wasn't done which was followed by a freak out and there were plenty of crummy attitudes to top it all off. When they all left, the house looked like WWII.

Man. I am exhausted at 7:56 am. Not a good sign.

This is hilarious because its true.

Good thing there's always tomorrow and good thing they are so cute.

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Melanie said...

ha! this was my yesterday, and i only have one kid! i even begged my littlest sister, Holly who is 12, to come over and watch Grant so I could get some housework done... then I had TWO grumpy kids to chase around a keep happy! but Grant's other tooth finally popped through and today is a much better day :) WHEW!

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